(Kyungrinara) for Small Businesses

Banking-imbedded Bookkeeping Solution for Small Businesses
Excel Spreadsheets based Bookkeeping NOT needed with Kyungrinara

Revenue Model
  • Monthly Subscription Fee of USD 54(USD 648 per Year)
Target Markets
  • Small Businesses: Big Variations in Sales Volume
    Mostly, # of Employees = 2~30
  • Mass-marketing Market
Product Features
  • A couple of hours of user-training is enough for employees to use it
  • Banking Platform PLUS Basic Bookkeeping to simplify tax filings:

    - Invoices, receipts, credit card statements, bank statements are digitally collected & digitally sent to tax accountants
      at the end of each month/quarter/year for tax filing purposes

    - Making/receiving payments are made on the same platform

    - Total estimated cumulative # of paying customers as of the end of 2019 = 13,000 or more,
      including “to-be” paying customers whose promotion period is not yet over.

More Diversified Marketing Channels


    12 Banks
    15,000 Branches

  • Tax Accountants

    Kyungrinara Academy

  • Mass Marketing
    & Outbound

    TV/Theater Commercials
    SNS & MGM

  • Direct Marketing

    Webcash Networks(13)
    Kyungrinara Sales Agencies
    in major/remote cities